HELP: I have run out of turtle pellets!

You’re stuck in a quarantine and you’ve run out of turtle pellets – here are some ways to help you get through the next couple of weeks.

Turkey begging for shrimp, as usual

Feed your turtle regular ol’ vegetables

There are plenty of safe vegetables for your turtle to enjoy. A few of Turkey’s favourites are blanched zuchinni and carrots. There is a great list on KameKroten that has all the information that you could ask for regarding turtle safe foods.


If you have dandelions in your yard and you have no harmful pesticides around, you can safely gather dandelion greens and feed them to your turtle. Wash all forage well.

Don’t worry about it

A couple of weeks is not a problem for a red-eared slider since a healthy adult turtle can go months without eating. Many turtles will protest about not being fed regularly but being without food for a while will not harm them. You may end up with an upset turtle though.

Some turtles are exceptions

A sick turtle refuses to eat. A healthy turtle will usually beg for food. Keep your individual turtle in mind when making changes to their diet and always consult a vet if you have any doubts.

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