Hey there, my name is Cissy and I accidentally became a turtle enthusiast. All thanks to one turtle.

Lemme tell you how it went down:

A few years ago, I accidentally rescued a Red Eared Slider named Turquoise. She was over 20 when we met, but it was love at first shrimpies. Turtle husbandry is tough when you have no experience and it was quite the learning curve for the both of us.

Turkey is a large female turtle who weighs around 5.5lbs with her shell length being around 9.5″. She is “dinner plate” size. She does suffer from metabolic bone disease due to lack of proper lighting, but she doesn’t let that stop her. 

I had originally thought that turtles were like fish – nice to look at but they do their own thing.

Boy was I wrong.

This turtle is a sweet and sassy monkey-puppy stuffed in to a hard shell who loves attention. She is also very opinionated.

She adores climbing and asks to be snuggled frequently. She is curious and intelligent – she knows her name and other words (food, tank, carrot). 

She is able to communicate when she wants to be picked up or put down, or even when she wants to go outside.

Turkey and I are friends with a local Red Eared Slider Rescue called LittleRESQ.

They are helping other turtles live their best lives and we are all about that. Turkey is a free-range turtle whose set-up changed throughout the year depending on her needs.

She has a kiddie pool for the summer, enjoys going on walks, and adores getting neck-pets from her everyone.

Join us as try to do our best. And shrimpies.