Turkey The Turtle’s 25th Birthday Fundraiser

A closeup picture of Turkey

Turquoise, the Red Eared Slider turtle, is going to be twenty-five years old next year. That is certainly worth celebrating!

Besides the typical offering of birthday shrimp and the off-tune chorus of “Happy Birthday”, this year we have decided to do something different.

We are hosting an online fundraiser for a Toronto Turtle Rescue that we volunteer with: Little RES Q.

There are many turtles who are abandoned before they reach full maturity and end up in heaps of trouble. Their very presence in our waterways cause damage to native species that is insurmountable without intervention.

Our goal is to raise $100 by May 24th 2020

However much we manage to raise, every penny will go towards helping turtles in need. There are a few initiatives happening right now and one of them is a filter upgrade due to the large amount of turtles that are at the rescue. While $100 won’t be able to fix that, we can certainly make it a bit easier.

Another initiative is Audrey’s Legacy. This is a true story of a beautiful rescue turtle who inspired the creation of a large rescue facility with plans to expand. Check out Audrey’s Story and Facility Plans on the Little RES Q Website!

While Turkey and I are ambassadors and volunteers with the local Little RES Q Tank, we are always looking for more ways to contribute. The shelter is currently over capacity and the wait time is two years to surrender your turtle.

I’m confident that we will be able to meet our goal and Turkey’s Birthday Party will be a blast!

If you would like to help but cannot donate, please share this post. We can’t thank you enough!

All our love, Cissy and Turkey

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