Turtle Sticker Fundraiser

I have been creating colouring pages and doing outline art for friends and family for a while now and I realized that I could combine my love of turtles with supporting my favourite turtle rescue, LittleRESQ.

This is an approved fundraiser with LittleRESQ where 100% of all profits from my turtle designs will go to LittleRESQ.

Check out my Redbubble designs below:

For transparency, I’m going to explain how Redbubble works and how the profits will be donated to LittleRESQ: After you’ve purchased a sticker from the OutlinesNmore shop, I will receive a notification that a sale has been made. Once the threshold of $20 has been met, Redbubble will payout to my personal paypal account. After that, I send it straight to the LittleResQ paypal in the form of a donation.

If you’d prefer to support LittleRESQ through a direct donation, there are multiple ways to go about it:

  1. Facebook Donations
  2. CanadaHelps
  3. Direct Paypal donation
  4. eTransfer
  5. Cheque through the mail (mailing address is on their facebook page)
  6. In-person donations at any Reptile Expo

Thank you for supporting the turtles!

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