Franklin – Rescue ID: 1746

Franklin “Tanklin”

Red-Eared Slider  : :  Male  : :  Adult  : :  Large
I’m a healthy 7 year old male slider and I’m available for you to adopt me today!  I require a minimum of a 40 gallon aquarium.  If you have a setup already, my adoption fee is only $40.  If you need a setup, contact the Little RES Q for options and they will be happy to help you out! Charity#81720 8812 RR0001

Exerpt from the LittleRESQ Website.

Franklin is a spunky and sassy turtle with a need to climb! He is super curious and loves to see the world around him.

Franklin enjoys Car Watching

The first time I brought Franklin out for an afternoon of sunshine, he refused to stay in his carrier. He did not calm down until I held him against my chest wrapped in a towel; it was only then that he stuck his neck out and we both learned about his love for car watching.

Franklin loves Music

He also enjoys music. He loves Frank Zappa and Daft Punk but is not a fan of Beyonce. The easiest way to find this out is to play music for them while you’re hanging out and gauge their reaction. Turtles are very opinionated and will have no qualms about showing you they don’t like something.

Franklin is a smart little dude and recognizes the people who visit and care for him. He will greet people he knows and will beg for food from others. He associates the colour blue with being fed since the Petsmart staff all wear the same blue uniform.

Franklin thinks food is good too

Franklin adores worms and watermelon. He is a slightly picky eater when it comes to things that are green and live fish. Turtles commonly reject their greens but there are many ways to make sure they get their vitamins. Franklin loves to eat small fish, but if they’re slightly larger he tends to leave them alone.

Franklin found his forever home!

According to the LittleRESQ website, Franklin has been adopted! I can’t wait to see who I get to know next and I am so happy to know that Franklin is having his best life with his forever family.

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